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How to Increase Internal Memory of Android Phone in Easy Steps

Increase Internal Memory of Android Phone

There are a large number of Android smart phone users across the world and they are having many queries regarding their phone and OS. There are lots of FAQs regarding android phones and here is the answer of one such …

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5 Top Caller ID Android Apps

Caller ID Android Apps

As we all know, caller id applications have turned out to be an absolute necessity for all of us. These applications are specifically relevant for those individuals, who have to spend long hours in meetings, thereby having a viable tendency …

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Enable Voice Calling In Facebook Messenger for iPhone via VoIP

Enable Voice Calling In Facebook Messenger for iPhone

VoIP has provided a lot of help to the mobile users as well as PC users over decades. It is a very cheap medium for a user to communicate with his or her near and dear ones. This what makes …

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How to Record iPhone Screen?

Record iPhone Screen

Are you intrigued to record your iPhone screen? Are you enthusiastic to know better about the features which you should incorporate, in order to simply record iPhone screen. Well, the guidelines, in the following text are sure to assist you …

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How to Erase Android Phone Personal Data

Erase Android Phone Personal Data

Talking about the android phones which are widely held their market and are used by most of the people. People seem to buy it, sell it or exchange it, before selling it they does erase all their personal data so …

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Nokia Phones Universal Secret Codes

Nokia Phones Universal Secret Codes

The manufacturers of nokia handset are the prolific ones because of its handsets which are of high quality. Now talking about the hardware nokia sets are considered as the number 1. When it comes to software it has lost its …

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Tips for Buying Phone For Kids?

Buying Phone For Kids

With advancing age we must also learn to advance ourselves. For example many years back kids were not given any cell phones to carry but now they have to be provided with it. The main reason is to know about …

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How To Unroot Android Phone or Tablet

Unroot Android Phone

A lot of people like to root their Android phone to get benefits which are practically not possible without rooting. But one thing that must be kept in mind is that when you root your Android phones it loses its …

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How to Install Ubuntu on Nexus 7, 10 and Galaxy Nexus

install ubuntu on nexus 7

Are you intrigued to install Ubuntu on your Nexus of Galaxy device? Are you interested in tracing the tips and tricks for doing so? Well, think no longer, as the benchmarks here will effectively help you in this regard. All …

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How to Spy Other Whatsapp Account

Spy on Other WhatsApp Account

Whatsapp is indeed one of the most popular messengers among the smart phone apps. Each Whatsapp account has a MAC (Media Access Control) address which is a unique one. It changes with the change of device. People can Spy other …

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