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How to Use Bluetooth Enabled Phone as Wireless Webcam

Use Bluetooth Enabled Phone as Wireless Webcam

At present, technology has reached its climax. Nothing is impossible in this world of gadgets. People can now use their cell phone using their Bluetooth to use it as webcam. The phone has to be Bluetooth enabled and the computer …

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25 Android Mobile Secret Codes for Advanced Users

Android Mobile Secret Codes

There are plenty of secret codes used in Android OS phones. These codes are mostly used by hackers and programmers. With the help of these codes, many tests can be performed and OS can be modified. It must be noted …

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How to Track And Recover Lost Android Phone

Recover Lost Android Phone

The smart phones of these days are quite expensive and most of the people have android smart phones. People buy a phone by spending lots of hard earned money. They have plenty of important files and data on their phone. …

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How to Root Android Device Without PC

Root Android Device Without PC

Ever wanted to root your Android device? Ever wanted to customize the restrictions provided for your app? Well, worry no more as the step by step guidelines for rooting your android device is mentioned in the text below. You can …

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Nokia Lumia Tricks & Tips (Windows Phone 8)

Nokia Lumia Tricks

Do you own a stunning Nokia Lumia phone? Do you wish to know about the latest tips and tricks of using this phone? Do you wish to enjoy the maximum features of this phone? Well, think no more, as the …

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Google Now Tricks and Tips for Geeks

Google Now Tricks

Google Now is one of the most successful personal assistant programs. It was initially launched for Android Jelly Bean OS. Galaxy Nexus was the first set on which it ran for the first time. Then this app was made available …

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How to Play iOS Games on Computer

Play iOS Games on Computer

Apple’s iOS software is very popular across the world. Ranking second after Android, Apple has never let down any of its user or lost any of its dignity. Apple tries every possible way to provide us with innovative product and …

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25 Android Jelly Bean Tricks and Tips

Jelly Bean Tricks

Jelly Bean is the latest OS of android. It is as popular as the other versions. All the latest smart phones based on android are releasing phones with Jelly Bean. It has got many advantages over the rest of the …

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How to Create PDF on Mobile Devices

Create PDF on Mobile

PDF files are very important these days. Almost all the important files are being converted to PDF files for betterment. Everyone has an Adobe Reader and so it can open up the file if the file is there in PDF …

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How to Recover Files from Damaged Mobile SD Card

Recover Files from Damaged Mobile SD Card

People often suffer from great loss when their SD cards get damaged. They may be having important files on their SD card, but all of them get totally corrupted. These corruptions come up due to many reasons. Due to many …

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