Saturday , 25 May 2024

How to Merge Duplicate Contacts in iPhone

merge duplicate contacts in iPhone

Due to several apps running in the background on an iPhone, sometimes the contact list generates a duplicate contact, which means the same contact appears twice, thrice or more times on the contacts list. This duplication however can be easily …

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5 Best Windows Phone 8 Mobiles

Best Windows Phone 8 Mobiles

With the increase in the sales of the Windows Phone 8 smartphones, it seems that Microsoft is getting increased appreciation in the smartphone market. 2013 has seen a lot of smartphones running Windows Phone 8 and having exciting features. We …

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5 Best Antivirus for Mobile Phones

Top Antivirus for Mobile

Nowadays most people use their Smartphones to access the internet. But as we all know, the internet brings threat to your device in the form of viruses, malware and spyware. So it is essential that you protect your precious device …

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5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Mobile Phones

Best Photo Editing Apps for Mobile

We all love taking photos with our mobile phones. Smart phones nowadays have powerful camera which makes the photo capturing experience better that ever before. But not everybody is a pro in photography. And it is not possible to take …

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