Monday , 15 April 2024

What is Best for You – Laptop vs Tablet

Laptop vs Tablet

With the evolvement of new technologies, various electronic devices are out on market. There are desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets, notebooks, etc. People get confused which one to buy and which they should not. When someone has money to spend …

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How to Play iOS Games on Computer

Play iOS Games on Computer

Apple’s iOS software is very popular across the world. Ranking second after Android, Apple has never let down any of its user or lost any of its dignity. Apple tries every possible way to provide us with innovative product and …

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25 Android Jelly Bean Tricks and Tips

Jelly Bean Tricks

Jelly Bean is the latest OS of android. It is as popular as the other versions. All the latest smart phones based on android are releasing phones with Jelly Bean. It has got many advantages over the rest of the …

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5 Best iPhone Anti-Theft Apps

Best iPhone Anti-Theft Apps

Most people out there boast about using an iPhone and they should because it deserves to get praised. But the felling of losing the phone gives goose bumps. To prevent this from happening one can use anti-theft apps to protect …

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How to Create PDF on Mobile Devices

Create PDF on Mobile

PDF files are very important these days. Almost all the important files are being converted to PDF files for betterment. Everyone has an Adobe Reader and so it can open up the file if the file is there in PDF …

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5 Best Windows Phone Fitness Apps

Best Windows Phone Fitness Apps

At present, the world is totally polluted. Everywhere there is pollution of environment. Due to this pollution, more and more people are getting sick. So these days; people are getting conscious of their health. But the worst part is they …

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5 Best Password Storing Android Apps

Best Password Storing Android Apps

People have many accounts in various sites. One person may be having many email ids, social networking sites and accounts in other sites. There may be several passwords of these accounts. If all the passwords are same, then it is …

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HTC Tiara Features and Specifications

HTC Tiara Specifications

HTC is making Windows based phone since Windows Mobile OS, but now Nokia takes the lead in Windows Phone Based smartphone with its Lumia lineup. Although HTC has two Windows Phone 8 based smartphones in the market. i.e. HTC Windows …

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HTC One Mini Features and Specifications

HTC One Features

HTC’s latest flagship device HTC One is already successful for HTC. Now HTC is going to launch mini version of HTC One, will be known as HTC One Mini (Rumored as HTC M4). This phone will target Mid Budget segment. …

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HP ElitePad 900 Features and Specifications

HP ElitePad 900 Price

There are awesome tablets in the market these days. All are better than one another. There is a tough competition going on between the various companies of tablets. HP has launched the new tablet in the market. It is known …

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