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How to Remotely access Computer from Windows Phone

remotely access your computer from windows phone

Want to email a file from your home to your office? Or grab a forgotten file? With the help of some applications installed on your windows phone and your computer, you can remotely access computer from windows phone. These apps …

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5 Best Passbook Compatible iPhone Apps

Best Passbook compatible iPhone Apps

Passbook is an amazing tool offered to the iPhone users. It stores all types of things like the boarding passes as well as the gift cards or many more. But the app store for iPhone does not have much app …

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How to Protect Android Phone from in-app purchases from Play Store

Protect Android Phone from in-app purchases

You certainly don’t want your kid to tap on some kind of in-app services or make any type of purchases while playing Angry Birds or surfing internet. In this regard, you can password protect your Google account from making any …

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How To Install Adobe Flash Player on Android

Adobe Flash Player on Android

Adobe flash player is no longer available in the Google Play app store for download. Also, flash player has been removed from default android web browsers including Google chrome. HTML 5 is now considered in its place but flash player …

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10 Ways to Make Money Online Using Smartphone

In this modern era where technology is everywhere,  it has made our lives wonderful. Smartphone applications are designed in such a way that you can earn some extra money from anywhere. It helps you to cover the basic Smartphone bills …

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How To Use Xbox Controller On Jelly Bean

Use Xbox Controller On Jelly Bean

All android smart phone users were very happy to know that from now onwards, Xbox controllers can be attached to the smart phones having Jelly Bean OS. People who love to play games but did not have proper gaming systems …

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5 Best Android Keyboards

Best Android Keyboards

It may be regarded as one of the best features in Android phones is the ability to change the default keyboard which ships along with the phone. The ability to change the default keyboard is often overlooked. Well, this best …

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How to Restart or Shutdown PC from Phone

Shutdown PC from Phone

You are downloading something important or updating your PC or laptop, but it is time to shut down your computer. In that situation, you have to stay up whole night and complete the work manually. How about an option to …

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How to Add Emoticons to Contacts in Windows Phone

Emoticons to Contacts in Windows Phone

Recently with the launch of new Operating System for Windows Phone, many new features have emerged out. Out of this is to add emoticons to contacts in Windows Phone feature. To get it there are two options. While the former …

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5 Security Tips for Facebook Mobile

Security Tips for Facebook Mobile

Facebook for mobile has become more popular than the Facebook for PC because people like to have Facebook on the go and they can have it only on their mobile. Also almost everyone has a smart phone these days and …

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